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Lethbridge offers some of Southern Alberta’s best dining and entertainment experiences and the Days Inn Lethbridge is located in the heart of it.

Restaurants Nearby
Fast Food:

  • Arby's Restaurant - 216 1st Ave S
  • McDonald’s Restaurant - 217 3rd Ave S
  • Wendy’s Restaurant
  • Red Dog Diner

Family Restaurants:

  • Humpty’s Family Restaurant - 205 Scenic Drive S
  • The Mongolie Grill - 502 5th Street S
  • Shanghai Chop Suey - 610 3rd Ave s
  • Streetside Eatery - 317 8th street S

Casual/Fine Dining:

  • The Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant - 708 3rd Ave S
  • Mocha Cabana - 317 4th Street S
  • O-Sho Japanese Restaurant & Liquid Lounge - 311 4th Street S
  • Plum (Fine Casual Dining) - 330 6th Street S
  • 360 Inspired Cuisine - 100 5th Street S

For other great restaurants please check out www.muchmenus.com for a full variety of a “Taste” of Lethbridge.

Looking for plans after supper? visit www.clubandpub.ca for a complete list of specials and live entertainment at pubs and clubs throughout Lethbridge.

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